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Welcome to The Antique Garden & Homestead

The Antique Garden after renovations of 1895 Store

The Antique Garden after renovations of 1895 Store

When I first moved to Western Maryland from  the New York suburbs never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d move to a rural village!  When a run down, falling down, old General Store came on the market, my husband and I snapped it up.  The locals probably had a good laugh at us crazy city folk, but that didn’t discourage us.  Not too badly, anyway…. 

Everything had to be fixed–the porch was falling off, the roof–metal-was peeling, the electric wiring was not up to code, oh and the best was, there was NO water in the place.  Never had plumbing.  We saw something though, maybe a glimmer of hope that we could salvage the place.  After all it was in the square of the village of Leitersburg, Maryland.  Somewhat historic, it was said that General Robert E. Lee retreated from Gettysburg right down our road. 

So began our journey to restoring the Old General Store.   It had beautiful hardwood floors, and writing on the walls,  where men signed and dated their names when entering!  Originally built by German and Swiss settlers, the building had good bones.   Original walnut paneling lined the second story walls.  The foundation was strong and built of limestone rocks.  The main floor had built in shelving from when it was a store that sold a little bit of everything.  

Today it is home to our business called The Antique Garden.  We specialize in primitives, antiques, collectibles and plants, gardens and water features.  Collecting treasures has been a passion from when I was a child.  I go to auctions, yard sales, thrift stores searching for items that can be reused and cherished again.  The hunt also allows me to shop for that next great thing.  My husband has been in the plant business for years and has an artist’s eye when it comes to landscaping, gardens and design.  

So for us, The Antique Garden is a joint effort  that keeps us together–most of the time.  We may disagree some of the time but when the day is done and we look at what we accomplished, it is well worth it!  We hope you enjoy our blog.