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Taste of Home Comfort Foods-Grilled Cheese

My version of Bom Bom's Dream Melt or Grilled Cheese!



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My version of Bom Bom's Dream Melt


Remember delicious comfort foods Mom or even Grandma use to make?  My childhood memories include being allowed to walk home for lunch every day from school.  While my mother worked, my Grandmother, we called her Bom Bom, don’t ask, lived only two doors away. So every school day, at lunch, my brother and I took the five minute walk to Bom Bom’s apartment.  We loved it!  

Being from the old school, lunches were very standard fair.  Usually a peanut butter and jelly on Pepperage Farms white bread, a hamburger, soup, or grilled dream melts.  Dream melts were an open faced grilled cheese with a slice of tomato and  a piece of bacon on top.  Placed under the broiler, the bacon got crispy, and married with the tomato and cheese.  Yum!  There was always a desert be it jello, cookies or 10 m & m’s.  Yes we had to count them out!  Bom Bom was strict about this rule and we always obeyed.   

Then too soon,  after lunch, it was time to go back to school for the afternoon.  While most of the other kids had to eat in the cafeteria, we got to have a homemade lunch and spend time with our Grandmother.  I quess I’m dating my self.  Todays elementary children have to stay in for lunch.  Does anyone else remember being able to go home for lunch?   

It is a good memory and I think I’ll make a Dream Melt today for my lunch.  Nothing better than the comfort foods of home!  Make a memory today.  Serve somone a delicious grilled cheese, perhaps made on a panini press, serve with fresh salad greens, or a warming soup.  They will always remember it!  

Pure Comfort Food-Grilled Cheese!


My version of Bom Bom’s Dream Melt or Grilled Cheese!