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Spring into the Garden


Welcome to the Antique Garden Spring edition. Take a look at what’s new at our garden shop. Our store is located in the village of Leitersburg Maryland on the Civil War trail. We are minutes from major interstates and are near the city of Hagerstown.

Gerber Daisies

Gerber Daisies

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Container Gardening Ideas

The container garden is a wonderful way to add a touch of a garden to your home without the hassle of a floral border in the yard. Instead of using the same old standbys like petunias, geraniums and begonias with a spike of grass in the middle, try some new combinations for that wow factor. Take a look at these planters for some flower inspiration. The two large urns get their height from the Burkwoodi Broom shrub which will have a delicate red flower. Surrounding the broom are begonia rex plants which have colorful foliage. Candlevine adds a delightful fragrance, several euphorbia plants for a white blossom and several perilla plants add a nice pink and purple color foliage.004


The smaller urns contain Key Lime Coral Bells and Gerber daisies, for a simple but elegant combination.

Key Lime Coral Bells are a perennial.

Key Lime Coral Bells are a perennial.


Deck the Halls at The Antique Garden


It’s December  and ‘tis the season to deck the halls!

We have been busy creating beautiful garlands and container gardens for our customers. After a very successful week-end at the Kris Kringle show and Thanksgiving but a delicious memory, now is the time to make merry with family and friends. One of the best things about December is the cooking and the decorating. Ever since I was a small child, I loved the preparations for Christmas. What is better than homemade cookies and treats from the kitchen and the smell of real balsam pine whether in a wreath, garland or live Christmas tree. So while the temperatures get chilly and we enjoy the warmth of our homes, we celebrate with traditions of the past. It’s time to add a touch of greenery inside and out. We start with taking lots of cuttings of fresh greens. We love to use what is available in our yard or can scavenge from friends. Cuttings of Southern magnolia, white pine, boxwood, blue ice juniper and holly will last all winter in the window boxes, wreaths and urns that we decorate. I purchased a strand of roping at a local store and wired on various cuttings of greens and large southern pinecones. We then attached it around the doorway using some wire and several nails to anchor the greens. The look is very welcoming when guests come for holiday gatherings, don’t you think? What are you doing in preparation for the holidays? Next up is holiday baking with decadent recipes! Stay tuned. PS. the fabulous red and orange berries are called winter berries. They add lots of color to your greens and the birds love them! The Antique Garden is located in Hagerstown Maryland in a 1895 General Store.  Reach us by email at antiquegarden@myactv.net we’d love to hear from you.

The Antique Garden Holiday Shop

Lemon scented mini cypress trees make a great gift.

Lemon scented mini cypress trees make a great gift.

Winterberries, fresh greens and red twig dogwood stems make a simple winter arrangement.

Winterberries, fresh greens and red twig dogwood stems make a simple winter arrangement.

The Antique Garden Winter & Holiday Edition

Where has the time gone? This year has flown by quicker than you can say 2014. At The Antique Garden we are winding down for a long winter’s nap but before that, we will be open Monday through Saturday 10 – 5 pm until the 21st of December, Sundays 12-4 pm. Enjoy some photographs from the holiday season from our 1895 store in the square of Leitersburg, Maryland. We are still taking orders for custom urn decorating, gift baskets filled with our home canned goods and home baked holiday cookies.

Canned goods from our no spray gardens, hand made by us. Great for gift giving!

Canned goods from our no spray gardens, hand made by us. Great for gift giving!

We are stocked with ornaments, swags, wreaths, Christmas trees, illuminated pine cone baskets and lots of fresh cut winter berries, holly, balsam and seasonal mixed greens. Stop by the old store and visit us at 21501 Leitersburg-Smithsburg Road, Leitersburg (5 miles from Hagerstown), Maryland, in the heart of the beautiful Cumberland Valley, located in Washington County.

Winterberry stems in a warm rust color are perfect for this brick home.

Winterberry stems in a warm rust color are perfect for this brick home.


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Dried hydrangeas in a cast iron urn make a wonderful winter filler.

Dried hydrangeas in a cast iron urn make a wonderful winter filler

urns 097urns 100Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy holiday season!

Jennifer & John Thomas
Dixie too!




Hydrangea Love


 What is your favorite flower? The fragrant rose, fun loving daisy or a spring tulip? My favorite is an old-fashioned shrub that is also very practical. It is the hydrangea plant.  hydrangea     Now just about perfected they promise to bloom all summer long or until the first frost. With colors in the blues, pinks, whites, lime green and burgundy they have, depending on the variety, a large globular flower or a delicate lace like head. Best of all they can be cut or dried and make wonderful flower arrangements that last a long time. 028With names like All Summer Beauty, Nikko Blue, Paris Rapa, Shamrock, Bobo, Endless Summer and Pinky Winky, your hardest decision may be in which type to select. 011There are standard hydrangeas and the bush type that can grow up to 7 feet. 057Most tend to be a medium height shrub, making it an excellent choice for around the patio or foundation. Some varieties even change color depending on the soil p.h. conditions. All drop their leaves in the fall but often if the heads aren’t pruned off the dried flowers will remain all winter.059 Luckily we are in zone 6 where they do well and some are hardy to zone 3. All hydrangeas like moist, rich, well-drained soil high in organic matter and do well in part shade. 049Mine do well against the side of our house and along a fence line. 011Try out a hydrangea , you will enjoy this plant for a long time to come.


Summer at The Antique Garden



It is almost August and the summer is literally flying by! Here are some sights from our store The Antique Garden in the square of Leitersburg Maryland. Located in an 1895 General Store, our selves are filled with the bounty of the season, plus pots, containers, collectibles and great plants. Take a visual tour of the store, the outbuildings and our newest feathered friends. We specialize in garden design and installation plus a whole lot more….039038Willow chairs

030Our front porch and gardens are stocked with plants from sedums and succulents to terrariums……

Welcome to the potting shed!

Welcome to the potting shed!


Beautiful hydrangea standard trees in full bloom.

Beautiful hydrangea standard trees in full bloom.


 Meet our flock of silkies, bantams, wyndottes and red chicks!


We are located at 21501 Leitersburg-Smithsburg Rd., Hagerstown, Maryland. Open Monday through Saturday 10-4 and Sundays by appointment or chance.

Sunny Sedums or Are They Succulents?



Is it a sedum or is it a succulent or are they the same thing? I bet you’ve been wondering the same thing! According to Wikipedia, the answer is, they are both in the same family of plants. Both varieties hold water in their leaves making them an excellent drought resistant plant. We use cold hearty sedums like ‘Red Beauty’ Sempervivum, next to sedum ‘Angelina’around the pond as a ground cover as it does an excellent job at holding down any weeds that should pop up. These are perennials in our area. All are part of the crassulaceae family of plants which, includes the jade tree, ‘chalky blue fingers’, cobweb buttons, chicks and hens of all varieties, the beautiful kalanchoe ‘flap jacks’ and many, many more interesting types. All varieties enjoy full sun, a well drained soil mix and minimal watering. Just remember to bring inside the more tropical varieties when the weather cools.  Did you notice my picture of the ‘Living Stone’ plant? This succulent is native to South Africa and resembles a stone to evade consumption by animals.  This is such a diverse group of plants, this might be your year to pick up an aloe or agave.  Prices start at about $4.00 a pot and make a great dish garden or open terrarium. Why not add a plant to your collection? We love them whether you say sedum or succulent. Here is a  helpful link from the Beacon News about succulent gardening.

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Cast Iron Container Garden

cast iron urns


Cast Iron Container Gardening

Do you love the look of antique cast iron? It is perfect in the garden.  With a long tradition during the Victorian Era and in Europe cast iron flower pots have always been popular. Fitting in well with a traditional home and in the garden landscape these containers are highly prized. Today most pieces are imported and come in amazing array of sizes, shapes and colors. These new reproductions are made from original antique molds. We have a nice selection at The Antique Garden. These are guaranteed to rust! Take a look at some the styles available and stop on by our shop for this classic container. Check out these links from Pinterest for some ideas on filling these urns.

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Spring at The Antique Garden


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The lily pads in the pond are huge this year with lots of blooms.  These hearty lilies come back every year and are not planted in the pond but sit in their submerged large pots.013

This is an “Endless Summer” trademark hydrangea plant.  Perfected, these plants bloom all summer. Above notice the pink flowers which can turn blue depending on your soil conditions.  I’ve fertilized it with an acid loving food and hopefully this will bring out the blue.012

Did I mention that we have succulents and cacti? We love these plants which make great house plants too.  Just place in a sunny room and water sparingly.008

This hibiscus tree is doing great!007

I finally finished the coop and attended the Chicken Swap in Sharpsburg, Maryland several weeks ago. I purchased my new chickens, seven in all, and am waiting patiently for eggs…..h


Sun wind chime is beckoning warm sunny days.468

In our shop we have a large collection of hand crafted pottery by former Maryland resident Jan Richardson. These little cottages and houses are so cute.

With summer arriving in a few days, it seems like for the first time in many years that we’ve had a real spring.  The weather has been not too hot, with mild days, rainy spells, and pleasant evenings. We had later than normal frosts, so the vegetable gardens are late but cool weather crops like lettuce is going wild. 

This spring starting in April, we have been busy doing lots of landscaping and container gardening.  We  still have a nice inventory of planters, cast iron pots and conservatories, a fancy word for terrariums and of course plants and flowers.  Vertical gardens are easy to set up and your animals can’t get to them.  Inside the store we are filling up the canned goods section with things like local, raw honey, pickled carrots, aged herbal vinegars and a new batch of organic raspberry jam.

We even did the flowers for a friend’s daughters wedding this spring.  No that’s not a cake but one of 15 arrangements featuring roses, hydrangeas and carnations.

Our shop is open Monday to Saturdays, 10-4 and some Sundays 1-4 and we are located at 21501 Leitersburg-Smithsburg Road, Hagerstown, Maryland.  We hope to see you soon!  Like us at Facebook

2012 A Year of Flowers & Gardens Part 2


After editing lots of photographs and cleaning out my computer files I realized how many photos we’ve taken this year. As the year 2012 draws to a close, we are taking stock of many projects from the past year, including container gardens, landscapes, vegetable gardens, floral arrangements and more. Sit back, relax and enjoy some of  the sights  from The Antique Garden and remember Spring 2013 is just around the corner.  Take some  time to dream of next year’s gardens…..

This rooftop garden is all about containers filled with herbs, vegetables and flowers. Perfect for those with a compact yard or urban space.

We changed out the Black Eyed Susan plants for the autumn to a Pumpkin Planter Box.

More Planters….

Washington County Museum of Fine Arts Urn

Dried Pepper Wreath, SOLD, a creation of our abundant veggie garden!

Winter Urn Garden

Holiday Arrangement

More Thanksgiving planters full of the bounty of our harvest….

Winter Arrangement with fresh pineapples, artichokes, chili peppers and winter berries.  A neo-modern  twist with inspiration from classic, traditional Williamsburg,  Virginia.  This is Christmas decorating, using fresh, real fruits and vegetables. 

Near the street, we have two  urns decked out with pine, magnolia, boxwood and other “cuts” from our yard. 

Here is our front  rocking chair porch, at  the Parsonage, decorated with festive greens and winter berry sprigs in the window boxes.

 From our porch to yours, happy gardens to all!

Jenn at The Antique Garden

21501 Leitersburg-Smithsburg Rd

Hagerstown, Maryland

Email: antiquegarden@myactv.net  We would love to hear from you!